matala beach
Matala beach

Matala Beach: The beach of Matala is a long wide sandy beach and is only 2 km from Pitsidia. The water is clean and you can enjoy swimming almost every day and season. The bay of Matala is quite protected from the northern winds, but affected when blowing southern and westerly winds. The beach is fully organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, showers and municipal toilets, and if you get hungry or thirsty the cafeterias and canteens can serve whatever you desire.

Kommos Beach: A beautiful beach that starts north from Matala and reaches Kalamaki. Reachable by car from Pitsidia, the distance is only 1.7 kilometers. The first part of the beach, located close to the archaeological site has umbrellas and taverns. While to North beach (River area) is the area of the beach that is indicated for nudists.

Kommos beach

Kalamaki beach: Kalamaki beach is from Pitsidia 10 minutes and is a fully organized beach with umbrellas and chairs in front of the taverns mostly offered for free. The beach is quit long, so if you prefer to put your own umbrella and towel there is place enough to do so. The beach is sandy with clear water but is exposed to the etesian winds and the north winds that blow often on the south side of the island and can bring high waves.


Red beach : a small beach, 300 m long, but worth visiting. The beach is reachable on foot from Matala. You have to take care to take your supplies with you for your trip and your day. Nothing can be bought on this deserted beach. According to Travel Channel, the Red Beach near Matala is officially the third best nude beach in the world.

Red beach


Agia Farango beach: This beach is reachable on foot. You need a car to drive up to the entrance of the gorge and start your trip. The beach at the end of your walk will make your effort worth it. It is a n amazing and breath-taking sight from the gorge to this small bay. The beach is with small pebbles. It is a beautiful spot to do some snorkeling. Be prepared and carry your supplies for your whole day with you.


Lentas beach : The beach in the small bay of Lentas is sandy with little pebbles,the sea is less abrupt. Don`t forget your snorkling stuff to discover the sea fauna.