The dance school Georgiladakis in cooperation with the Cultural organization of Pitsidia and Matala organizes a pan Hellenic dance festival on the 11th of July.

The festival will take place on the square of the village Pitsida.


Don`t miss this evening full of tradiational dances accompanied by the wonderful music of Adonis Martsakis.




untitledThe Cultural Association invites everyone tomorrow Saturday 02/04/16 at 21.00 in the collection chamber Pitsidia.

The theatre “Kampouromanolena” from Yiannis Papadakis will be played.

special prices for unemployed and large families, 3 euro.

Normal price 6 euro



Blood Bank “Manolis Koumianakis”




The Board of the Cultural Association of Pitsidia Matala decided unanimously to name the Blood Bank Association to “BLOOD BANK MANOLIS KOUMIANAKIS” in memory of the leader of the donation.


Also the Association will be open daily from 10 am to 13.00 noon to collect dry food n long lasting products for families of the village in need.

Blood giving 22.11.2015

BLOOD 2 BLOOD GIVING The culturBLOOD GIVINGal Association of Pitsidia Matala organizes a new appoitment for all the people interested in giving blood. According their announcement the donation will start at 10 am and will be
held at the Community Store in Pitsidia.